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Our Services
At CIM Software, we take great pride in our nearly 30 years of industry experience.  Since are founding in 1989, CIM has grown with the industry and built a solid reputation of leveraging stable as well as state of the art technology to bring customers solutions that fit their unique needs.  
  1. Control System Design
    From concept to complete design, CIM will design your control system to meet your unique needs. Services include system architecture design, P&IDs, and elementary drawings.
  2. SCADA/HMI Programming
    CIM Software has been developing SCADA/HMI systems since they first came on to the scene in the late 80's and was instrumental in leading and developing many of the SCADA systems that were first implemented throughout the Midwest. .
    CIM has been developing Manufacturing Execution Systems long before the industry even knew to call them MES. In the early 90's CIM pioneered the use of low cost PC-based relational databases such as SQL Server to provide affordable data collection that allowed many companies for the first time to relate process, quality, downtime, and raw materials resulting in vastly levels of process understanding.
  4. Network Design
    Today's control systems rely on networking at many levels. Whether it's designing a PLC network, SCADA network, or even wireless mesh network, CIM has the background to design and implement a secure network.
  5. IIOT/Cloud
    The Cloud and Industrial Internet of Things are emerging technologies that will change the landscape of manufacturing. For the past 10 years, CIM has been instrumental in leveraging cloud technologies to deliver remote monitoring solutions and a first of it's kind cloud-based enterprise control system.
  6. Energy Optimization
    With the world population continuing to increases and our supply of energy limited, efficient use of our resources, such as energy, is critical. CIM has the knowledge and capability to deliver solutions that decrease the energy intensity at the manufacturing level.
  7. 24 x 7 Support
    We understand how important support is when it's the middle of the night and your plant is down. That's why we offer 24x7 support contracts.
  8. Control Panels
    CIM can provide you with control panels that meet UL 508 standards.
  9. PLC and DCS Programming
    CIM has been developing PLC systems since the late 80's and is familiar with most any brand of PLC. More recently, CIM has acquired competency in programming DCS as well.